Update from Jamie: Day 35

Dear followers,

Put the champagne on ice we’re coming in hot! 

I’ll keep this brief as I know Alex has just written a chapter from his upcoming book...

As I write this we are into day 35 (283nm to go) having had another fantastic 24 hour stint achieving over 80nm again! The end is well and truly in sight and we are both still extremely focused on the end goal (being the recordJ. We’re giving absolutely everything we’ve got to give ourselves the best possible chance of breaking the record. I think it’s safe to say the next 72 hours are going to be exciting and somewhat nail biting as it comes down to the wire. 

My reckoning is that assuming we achieve c. 80nm today and c. 80nm on Tuesday and Wednesday we should arrive at port St Charles, Barbados on Thursday 7th between 20:00 and 22:00 GMT. 

Other news:

My bottom has got increasingly sore over the last few days, so much so that just sitting on the seat was enough to make me wince in pain. As a result I’ve resorted to taking Tramadol which has been an absolute life saver and has enabled me to row more and suffer less. 


Not a huge amount to report on this front I’m afraid other than we are seeing a lot more fish. 

Yesterday we were followed for a long time by several very large silver fish with yellow fins... yellow fin tuna perhaps!? We also saw a number of other smaller species of fish as well a couple of quite large ominous looking black fish. 

Hopefully we’ll see some more Wales and/or dolphins in the next 72 hours, watch this space. 

Please keep your emails coming, we love reading them!

Jamie xx