Day 11: February 8th

The boat is keeping up a good pace, managing to maintain a speed of around 3 knots. Frustratingly the wind isn’t quite doing what they want, meaning both boys are having to row extra hours to keep up speed: today they rowed for 13 hours each.


Although it looked like the wind was going to pick up over the weekend, the Azores High (the system that creates the stronger “trade winds” in the mid-Atlantic) has been pulled into a bigger system in the North Atlantic. This means rowing will likely get tougher over the next few days and the boys will have to continue putting the extra hours in. Alex and Jamie have been relentlessly positive though and no doubt will take this in their stride.


Jamie reported sightings of what they thought were pilot whales yesterday – small whales that look a bit like large dolphins. There’s also been a funny mist, which is likely sand from the Sahara being blown west. Hopefully this will lead to some beautiful sunsets. The moon will also be getting bigger over the next few weeks, which will really help with morale when rowing at night.


More news soon.


Team HAC x