Update from Jamie: Day 9

As mentioned previously blogging isn’t my favourite thing to do but I thought I should try and write another brief post.

We have been at sea for over a week now and as Alex mentioned in his last blog we are now well into our routine with the initial sea sickness well behind us. Thankfully neither of us ever felt particularly awful.

Yesterday (Tuesday 5th) was our most testing day to date. With light winds, maintaining any sort of boat speed was backbreaking work, furthermore it seems the psychological impact of going slowly makes everything hurt more.

After a chat with Angus we decided that in order to put ourselves in the best position possible for the next weather system we would both need to row an extra two hours, racking up 14 hours each on the oars! Thankfully at c.8.00 GMT this morning (Wednesday 6th) the wind picked up and shifted allowing us to alter our course and begin to head further west.

To ensure we make the most of the incoming weather we needed to clean Storm’s hull. I drew the short straw and after harnessing up I jumped into the sea whilst Alex took it upon himself to film the entire episode.


Jamie x