Update from Jamie: Day 31

Hello HAC followers,

As usual I’ll give you a brief update on the past couple of days and leave the long blogs to Alex.

The past few days saw us blessed with a decent breeze at long last which saw us achieving over 80NM per day for two consecutive days. This boosted our morale no end. Unfortunately these strong winds haven’t lasted and we are now back in lighter winds and as a result you will have noticed that our speed has dipped down below 3kts again. This is very frustrating indeed. We are both still working exceptionally hard and are each doing an extra stint on the oars to try and limit our losses. We are very much hoping some stronger winds are on their way as we head for the weekend. 

24 hours later... the winds have arrived and we’re zooming along for now! Fingers crossed it lasts. 

Wildlife update:

Yesterday whilst I was rowing and Alex was dead to the world in the cabin a pod of c. 30 very playful dolphins joined me on what was a particularly tough shift. The dolphins came with in a few feet of the boat and regularly jumped out of the water, often in pairs. The dolphins joined me for around 10 minutes before racing off towards Barbados, if only they could have given us a tow....

The other day whilst I was out on deck finishing off my second shift of the day I was walloped in the nuts. Confused at first and a little sore I looked around to see what had hit me thinking Alex must have thrown something, only to find a 15cm long pink squid by my feet. Shortly after I was also hit by a flying fish, thankfully it was only a small one. 

Please keep up the emails, we love receiving them and they really spur us on. 

Jamie x