Update from Alex: Day 29

Whilst composing this, J will take us from 753 nautical miles to 750 nautical to go. Then 500, 250 and in. Not sure what all the fuss has been about!

Speeds have increased and we completed an 84 mile day yesterday. A PB. A day for us out here runs from 0800 to 0800 GMT. At 8 each morning, I finish my final night shift and pop into the cabin where I take note of number of miles remaining and as such, how many miles we have done that 24 hours. Then what we need to average to be on track for a world record.

780 this am with 10 days to complete. 78 miles per day and an average speed of 3.25. Not a daunting number but we are going to need a bit of luck on our side from the weather. 80-90 mile days obviously help bring this number down.

Soon our friends and family are set to fly, with international representations with my sister from Kenya and Js sister from New Zealand.

With our eyes set on the reward at the end, we want to get there as fast as possible and we have absolutely not taken our eyes off the primary prize of a world record. It’s going to come down to the wire.

There are numerous secondary prizes but to highlight some of the more essential.
A cheese burger (maybe a lobster also as first meal?!)
A can of coke
A beer
A shower 
Clean sheets and a bed
Pancakes, bacon, Nutella, maple syrup for first breakfast! Cheers girls! 
Fruit and veg believe it or not 
And more chocolate !
Oh and seeing friends and family obviously!

Miranda - expectations are high on the mars bar Rice Krispie cake also. Shape of a boat again like post Indian Ocean ?! 🙄👍🏽

If we can keep up good speeds, the countdown of 9,8,7,6... becomes achievable in ones head. This am at 780. Right well all going well, 699 by the start of tomorrow or maybe even today. 599 at some point the next day. 500 etc.

It’s just a case now of getting in the seat and pulling away for 2 hours at a time and take it all in. Am feeling pretty content in my head, but running out of things to think about is getting there! One thing I do enjoy about being out here is the break from it all though. It’s always a bit of shock when the connectivity comes back and suddenly one becomes at beck and call again.

Everything on board remains in working order and we are making good heading to Barbados. We begin to run out of the meals we like, have enough snack packs left for 9 or 10 days or so, suncream to last and just enough baby wipes to see us to the end.

One of the frustrations with speedy water is when running our water pump, because of the faster water, there are more air bubbles / pockets which gets into the pump. So we can’t run as a good pressure that we have been used to and requires purging more regularly, especially after we surf down a wave.
I’m not complaining, it’s a good problem to have!

We have until 0930 on the 38 th day (whatever that is) to arrive. If we have to come in hot at 5am then so be it !

Thanks for all the messages once again. Keep em coming....!

Alex out...