Update from Jamie: Day 24

Hello HAC followers,

The wind has died and moving the boat is back breaking work. 

Going into last night the wind had all but left us and there were a couple of fairly ominous looking rain clouds on the horizon, nothing unusual. During my first two hour stint of the evening I received a brief downpour and aside from being convinced that there was a ship on fire on the horizon and that a black dog was sat next to me it was fairly run of the mill if not a little slow.

Having had the usual 1 hour and 45 minutes sleep my alarm went off wet weather gear went on Alex and I grunted at each other and I began shift two of the evening. Having been on deck for a mater of minutes it started raining, really raining. This was the sort of rain that soaks you to your core in a matter of seconds, thankfully I had my musto mpx trousers on however I had neglected to wear the mpx jacked opting for a lighter smock which wasn’t up to the task. 

The rain was unrelenting so much so that when I saw that Alex was getting ready to head out on deck I told him to stay put and get some more sleep, after all what’s the point in us both being miserable.... a further hour and 20 minutes passed before the rain finally stopped. I continued rowing for the remaining 40 minutes of Alex’s shift before handing over looking somewhat bedraggled. Thankfully Alex offered to do a heroic 4 hour stint to slow me some time to rest!

With the miserable evening/early hours of the morning behind us we could finally get our teeth into day 24. It’s safe to say day 24 is one to forget despite a brief encounter from a pod of dolphins and numerous schools of fish today has been one of the most back breaking yet. Unfortunately it looks set to continue this way until Sunday evening. 

Current remaining miles as at 21/02/19 (1910GMT): 1,091NM

Jamie xx