Update from Alex: Day 20

Hello followers,

Pleased to be writing this where we have experienced certain change of events and our speed has nicely increased and we are beginning to work our way through some miles. We have moaned enough about the first section of this row requiring us to dig deep etc. But it has not been just plain sailing past few days, although you take into account our progress and can’t complain too much. 

The wind built in which was a big result, but it was unfortunately coming more from the north east which caused us to have to row more southerly. We remain higher than the latitude of Barbados still, but we really want to start pointing our course of ground (cog) towards land which further results in better velocity made good (vmg). The daily compromise past few days has been what cog can we steer and maintain good speed over ground (sog) and resultant in the best vmg possible. 

For a lot of the time, we would have the wind at a 20-40 degree angle off the stern on the starboard side (our left as we face backwards). However as we cross diagonally across sea state, we made ourselves vulnerable to waves crashing over the top of us which results in some wet and unhappy personnel on the oars at the time. Often The cry of ‘bilge’ can be heard from the deck whilst the rower is wondering if the other is sleeping in the cabin. 

At night we have often reduced our cog to make it slightly more comfortable. But this doesn’t stop the odd rouge or sniper come out of nowhere and drench you to the bone. 

Positively, we have done 2 days in a row now where we have rowed circa 82 miles for period which makes it all worth it and allows us to start catching up with the miles we need to take on one of the primary objectives of this crossing. I don’t want to talk about it too much but you can do the maths yourself! Hopefully we can keep these stints up.

The wind has now turned slightly more in our favour so hopefully less wet. Bodies are holding out well with the odd niggle. We both currently get sore private parts during the night time only. We are daily washing them with fresh water and soap to try and rid us of this discomfort. Being damp consistently makes tending to these quite challenging. 

Arguably there are 2 half ways to our crossing. Distance rowed and distance remaining, which we are basically at as I understand it. Well done us ! But also the straight line distance of our route is 2606nm which means half way could also be considered 1303nm which we will hit tomorrow being Monday.
Regardless of how you look at it a huge milestone for us both and thankfully soon to be counting down to the finish. The Barbados logistics are reaching us well on board and we can’t bloody wait. 

Roll on 1,000nm to go is all I can say and fair weather and the time should pass fairly quickly! 

Alex out x