Day 4, February 1st

The boys have seen a strong start to day four. This makes a welcome change from yesterday, where at times Jamie said it was a bit like ‘rowing through porridge’. Today the boat speed has increased and Alex has reported that they have been going at a good speed of about 3 knots this morning.

Things are likely to pick up even more tomorrow, where a new wind system should produce some large waves. It can take some time for more ‘traditional rowers’ to adjust to surfing over big waves. Alex is an absolute pro so should be able to teach Jamie a few tricks though! In the words of Angus, ‘it’s more important to think like Kelly Slater than James Cracknell’.

With an eye to timings, it’s still very early days and generally the first seven days tend to be the slowest. Despite this, speed over ground has consistently been higher than that of the ‘ghost boat’ on the Yellow Brick app (the record the boys are trying to beat). Well done boys!

Jamie and Alex have managed to put in a fair bit of time on the oars together, which has helped both momentum and morale. Apart from that they’ve been heroically sticking to their two hours on, two hours off, schedule. Lots of time for audio books (apparently Game of Thrones is handy at passing the time).

Freeze-dried food is becoming slightly more palatable. There were good reports of the spicy pork noodles yesterday!


More updates later.


Team HAC x