Update: Day 3, January 31st

The boys are settling into life on Storm well, no signs of seasickness and they sound very positive and jolly on the Satellite phone. As the winds decrease and turn more towards the north, the boys will be taking on 'muscle rowing', which is boring and hard but Angus is confident that Alex and Jamie have the power. Winds are due to increase again on Saturday.

Their food intake is mostly dependant on their snack packs at the moment: haribo, crunchies, biltong etc, but both are feeling strong and their bodies will settle into the routine of the powdered meals soon.

For anyone wishing to track their progress, make sure that you have downloaded the 'Yellow Brick' app and have selected their race.

If anyone would like to send some encouraging emails, silly stories or even just a hello out to the boat then please email:


As the days go on hearing from friends and family can be a real morale booster, and I am sure they would love to hear from all of you following their journey.

Team HAC x