Jamie's First Blog Post

First things first, this is far from my forte but here we go…

We’re currently both holed up in Gran Canaria doing our final preparations prior to Tuesday’s scheduled departure, which is subject to change as we are very much at the mercy of the weather Gods.  Over the last day or so we have unpacked the boat and re-packed it, hoping that this time we won’t forget where we’ve put everything We have also put together the vast majority of our ‘snack packs’ and set up various iPods, iPads, sat phones and other handy tech such as our Garmin InReach.

For those of you non ocean rowers like me not familiar with the ‘snack pack’ it is more or less what it says on the tin: a bag full of goodies containing c. 1,000 calories to try and keep up morale and calorie intake throughout each 24-hour period. They contain nuts, a chocolate bar, biltong, a Cliff Bar, Haribo and some boiled sweets (thank you Surinder!)

We still have a number of pressing jobs to do including, cleaning and polishing Storm, applying the final few sponsors stickers, testing the water maker, and getting some practice using the para-anchor (which we hope not to have to use). 

On Sunday Angus (otherwise known as God), David (my Dad) and Graham (Alex’s Dad) will join us here in Gran Canaria. Following Angus’ arrival we will put Storm on the water and get a final run through of all our electronic kit and practice using the para-anchor.

If you haven’t already done so download the YR Races App (IOS & Andriod) and follow Hyperion Atlantic Challenge to track our progress. Also have a look at our website for more information about the challenge.

More updates to follow,

Team HAC x